Your Life is never quite complete until you meet the king #kingofthellamas #llama #lama #peru #machupicchu #nature #cloudporn #mothernature

New design for @albondigueros #Kottbullar celebrating its 1000 follower on facebook. #illustration #design #feathers #restaurant #bird

We spent a couple of hours walking through rocks, expecting nothing. We were really moody and tired, and suddenly we started hearing noises, our energy was immediately restored when we found out there were #monkeys around us.

They didnt care about humans, they were just gathering fruit from the trees. I was more surprised than i should have been and i almost forgot to take out the camera. We spent around An hour staring and hiding through the place to get a good picture, we started naming them to get a reference, back to back to cover every movement, whispering to avoid scaring them, Surrounded by the leaves that fell as they jumped from branch to branch.

I would be really happy if i could do this every day. #jungle #monkey #tayrona

Trying to take different pictures in the most photographed place in the world.

I wonder if anyone would visit my house when our civilization is gone and ask themselves, how the fuck did this dude lived?

#peru #machupicchu #ruins #ancient #wall

Wouldn’t you like to be stared by a large group of lions and monkeys while you work? #lion #monkey #wallpaper #vector #illustration

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Happily art directed by @adurrad and me during a sunset in #tayrona using our favorite #happysocks #dancingontherocks

More like this will come.

Double je #catedraldesal #mirror #Zipaquira

En la cabaña

Tuve la fuerza para abrir los ojos, sin mover la cabeza, esperé a que cayeran las últimas gotas. Pensaba en lo bonito que se veía el vomito en ese momento, y como el juego entre la comida medio digerida, la grasa y el agua se asemejaba a un estanque de peces koi. Nunca he visto un estanque koi.

Sentí escalofríos y quise que ese pensamiento se convirtiera en mis últimas palabras. Me apuré a anotarlo, pero ni siquiera podía levantar los brazos, me abalance sobre el piso, y grite por la gruta de una puerta entreabierta “Sepia, anota esto. Que me ayudes”.

Ella se acercó, sonriendo y sin entender lo que pasaba, me alcanzó un lápiz y un cuaderno. Mirándome con resignada alegría me dijo “no quiero escribir”.

Logré coger el lápiz y rayé con afán el papel. Todo era ilegible. Me desplomé en el suelo, y destrozado le dije “Sepia, quiero ser un artista”. Ella volvió a mirarme y alzando la punta interna de sus cejas me respondió: “tonto, ya eres un artista.”

En ese momento prometí “si sobrevivo me caso con ella”.

More drawings! #lion #drawing #illustration #animals

A picture for da brotha #monkey #korea #drawing #illustration

Hipopótamo gordo 

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